Are kids invited?
Yes! When in doubt, your RSVP form should include the names of everyone in your party who is invited. If you believe we have made a mistake, let us know.
Do I get a plus one?
Your RSVP form should include the names of everyone in your party who is invited. Unfortunately, we cannot add additional people beyond that. If you believe we have made a mistake, let us know.
My name is wrong on my invite/RSVP form!
Uh oh! We did our best to get everyone’s names right but we’re not always perfect. If your name is spelled wrong or you prefer a different name, contact us!
How should I get there? Where should I stay? Is there anywhere cool to visit in the area?
Check out our “Travel” page for all the details and the link to our hotel block!
What do I wear?
The dress code is “dressy cocktail attire”, but you should check out more on our “What to Wear” page to get an idea what we’re thinking about.
It’s pretty cold in November, am I going to have to be outside?
The ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception are all inside at the same venue. You’ll have to walk to and from the car, of course, but once you’re inside you’ll be good to go!
Is there parking at the venue?
The venue does have a small parking lot as well as lots of free street parking. However, if you want to relax and enjoy yourself (and the open bar) it should be quick and easy to get an Uber.
Can I walk to the venue from my hotel?
The venue is not really within walking distance of any hotels, especially considering it is likely to be pretty cold. We highly recommend driving or Uber.
What would you like for a gift?
We are so fortunate to already have all the plates, towels, sheets, etc. that we need (and really nice versions of them!). We also know that a lot of our guests are taking off work and spending money on plane tickets and hotels to attend the wedding. It’s cliché to say “your presence is present enough”, but we truly mean that and do not expect anyone to get us anything. However, if you really really want to get us something, you can check out the “Registry” page.
I have allergies/dietary restrictions. Will I be able to eat the food?
Make sure you include any allergies/dietary restrictions in the appropriate section on the RSVP form! We will do our best to accommodate everyone.
Will there be an open bar?
Can I take photos during the wedding and share them on social media?
Absolutely! Snap and share to your heart’s content. The only thing we ask is that you be cognizant of the professional photographers/videographer, especially during the ceremony. If you stand in the aisle to get the perfect shot of the first kiss, our photographer might miss it. We will be happy to share all the professional content as soon as we get it.
What the heck is a “1inavere6”? {: .vere6}
There are two parts to this. The first is scientific notation, specifically a format called “E notation”. A number that looks like “AeB” means “A and then B zeroes”, so “1inavere6” should instead say “1inaver000000”, which can be read as “1ina(ver1000000)”, or “1 in a VerMillion”, which is a last name we’ll be sharing quite soon!
Who can I contact if I have any more questions?
We tried our best to answer everything on this website, but if you have any other questions feel free to email (oneinavere6@gmail.com) or call/text the bride (602-361-1203).